Info – Spartan Stay Fit Gym Program – No Meal Plan – Men’s Program

Men’s Program

First and foremost whenever starting a new health regimen, explain your plan to start this program to your physician to ensure

you are cleared to do this kind of program.

Give yourself a minimum of 2 hours each day for these routines. Always remember, form over everything – this is not a race.

Catch your breath and watch your heart rate; then continue to the next exercise. Do not take too long of a break; push yourself and keep going.

These moments will determine how well you complete the program and have a successful transformation. Always remember, no pain no gain.

Be sure to always stretch areas of work before beginning as well as stretching once more at the end of each routine. Stretching is vital in restoring sore muscles.

How heavy should your weight be to start a movement? Your starting weight should always be moderate for your level. If the first set is too hard then it’s too heavy. Go lower in weight to begin.

Weights that are too heavy for you will result in incorrect form which leads to injury.

And remember, be sure to refuel your body within 30 minutes of the completion of each workout.

Results are made from organization, consistency, hard work, and motivation. Now let’s get to this transformation!

Warm up – pick 1 of the following:

A. 15 minute run
B. Stair master level 5-7 for 15 minutes (try not to hold railings)
C. Treadmill with incline at 8 and speed at 3.0 (try not to hold railings) for 15 minutes