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Online Coaching

At Spartan Level Fitness we believe in having a healthy fit lifestyle. Our mission is to help you in making healthier decisions and to also develop an active lifestyle. We are also here to help you stay consistent and committed in achieving your goals. 

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When it comes to your progress, we’ll be monitoring it weekly and making adjustments that are necessary so you may be successful in achieving your goals.



Our meal plan is specialized for you personally that is absolutely delicious, simple to prepare, and a healthy balance. Our customized workout plan are tailored to your fitness level and lifestyle.



Through the app, you will have 24/7 access to me for support. I will also be giving you tips, answering your questions, as well as motivating you to stay on track.

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About Me

Malcolm Solomon is the founder of Spartan Level Fitness, your one stop shop for a fitness lifestyle.

Malcolm played Football & Track at the collegiate level and went on to compete in Nationals for Track and Field. He possesses a NCSF personal training certification and has trained clients in several industries. Malcolm graduated with an MBA in business management and understands the importance of being fiscally as well as physically fit. Malcolm is also a certified Firefighter and Paramedic and is committed to serving his community and saving lives.

A fit lifestyle starts with you, are you ready?