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I had the pleasure of training with Malcolm for just over a year. The best part about training with Malcolm was his energy and overall knowledge about the human body and how it moves/functions. As someone who has been training for years and who has lingering injuries, he was always able to teach me new functional movements that were equally effective as they were safe. Additionally, I always felt invested in; even during small group training, movements and exercises still felt personalized to my specific skill level, and Malcolm was always willing and able to accomodate my ever-changing schedule while ensuring I was not over working a specific muscle group with my own workouts on the side. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a down to earth, yet extremely knowledgeable trainer.

What I liked most about the  program was that it was simple to follow. It also taught me the importance of  form over speed and really helped me lose weight and build strength. I needed professional guidance on how to lose weight because I tried so many different programs that did not work. The biggest benefit was to actually lose the weight and hearing my doctor tell me that I’m no longer at high risk for diabetes and hypertension due to my weight loss. I would highly recommend  this program to anyone who is trying to lose weight and to never give up on their dream.

What I like most about my training with Malcolm is his professionalism and passion for training. He motivates me to be great, in not just training, but in all aspects of life. Prior to training with Malcolm my initial concerns were gaining muscle and getting in shape. Since I started training with him, the experience changed my life. I didn’t just gain muscle and get in shape, I was highly inspired by Malcolm’s determination and passion to help me reach my goal.  The benefits I gained as a busy mom of 3, wife, and business owner is that I am able to be more energetic for my children, business, and husband. I gained a new love for myself and my body. Now I can’t stop staring at myself in the mirror lol, I’m just in awe with my transformation. Not to mention my husband is also enjoying every stage of my transition needless to say our sex life has improved! Lol. I will always be open to train with Malcolm when I want that extra push and motivation. I would recommend ANYONE (family, friends, employees, etc.) to train with Malcolm, especially stay at home moms and business owners. It will be a great experience and have a very positive impact in your life. Thank you Malcolm for your positive/inspiring energy and for being you! You are my go to trainer.

Malcolm has been my personal trainer for over 3 months now, and I couldn’t be happier. The results I’ve achieved in such a short time have been amazing and not only do I feel stronger and healthier, but my confidence has also shot through the roof.

I like that Malcolm is extremely knowledgable in fitness. He prepares your body and mindset for workouts that some trainers immediately jump right in to. For example, my family member wasn’t in the best of health nor shape, and with something as simple as ab workouts, Malcolm made her do breathing exercises (vacuums) first for the first few days to strengthen her core
With myself, before doing squats with weights, he made sure my back and shoulders were properly toned first so I wouldn’t struggle with form when it came time for squats and heavy weights.

When I contacted Malcolm for personal training, I had issues with bloating and did not like how skinny I looked with little muscle tone and definition. Within 2 weeks my legs and arms became very toned where my friends noticed, and I started to see abs. My favorite improvement was my glutes! I look amazing in jeans and receive many compliments. You can notice my abs through tight shirts now. Goodbye bloat!

Fitness has now become a lifestyle for me, and I have Malcolm to thank for that. I’ve even gotten family members to train with him, my sister now being a dedicated client like myself. She lost 25 pounds the first 6 weeks. She and I have extremely different bodies and workout goals, yet Malcolm has continuously created workout plans that catered to our individual needs and showed consistent results. He’s truly a trainer fit for everyone.

I have reached my initial fitness goal thanks to Malcolm, and now I enjoying maintaining my new body and new lifestyle 4 days a week with Malcolm.

Working with Malcolm was smooth, we set up a schedule and when I needed adjustments he always did his best to accommodate my needs. I wouldn’t say I had concerns prior to starting my sessions but I was curious as to how I would reach my goals outside as I didn’t want to step foot in a gym at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I learned a new methodology, my workouts will be forever transformed but also, Malcolm created a plan that addressed previous injuries. I have a herniated disk in my lower back and after working Malcolm’s plan I haven’t experienced any lower back pain. Those things are amazing benefits that I am forever grateful for.
I will always be a client, maybe not full time but I beleive that these services are life changing and I plan to use them as I see the need. I have spoken highly to everyone that I know about Malcolm as a Trainer but not everyone is ready to commit to being better. It takes work on both sides to achieve the type of results I got. I used to think I knew how to workout. I played some high school sports and have lifted weights my whole life. I was so out of balance that I hurt myself. I think guys who think they know what they are doing should seriously consider a session so they can learn something before they end up injured like me.

I love working with Malcolm, because not only is he very reliable, but he’s also very knowledgeable. I’m pretty slim, so I made it clear I didn’t want to lose any weight and that I just wanted more muscle and a more toned body, and he delivered with great results. I’d recommend him in heartbeat, especially to the slim girls trying to gain a little muscle. One of the best decisions I ever made.