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Spartan Level Fitness Testimonial 2

I’ve battled weight loss my whole life and have tried every diet you can imagine from the lemon diet to Atkins, which was never successful long term.

Before seeking Malcolm’s help through this awesome body transformation journey, I was a few days away from getting Lipo, which would have been another failed attempt to a healthy body. I realized that one of my biggest issues when it came to weight lose was the way that I used to think.

So I joined Spartan level fitness’s 90 day body transformation team and Malcolm hasn’t just been a personal trainer to me, but a mentor and a friend. He has thought me how to love my body in a way I have never loved it before.

Outside of a meal plan and extensive one on one workout sessions with Malcolm he is always the first to contact me in the mornings and keeps me motivated throughout the day. I don’t want to sound like a weight loss infomercial, I just hope that this testimony will inspire others to “start

Winning” if not, then maybe my before and after pictures will.

~Diane N.

SpartanLevelFitnessSpartan Level Fitness Testimonial 2